"Whatever has the air of a paradox, and is contrary to the first and most unprejudiced notions of mankind, is often greedily embrac'd by philosophers, as shewing the superiority of their science, which cou'd discover opinions so remote from vulgar conception." - David Hume Treatise of Human Nature Book 1, Part II, Section 1 Also a heart felt thank you to @Blackbeltr0 for my awesome new Armatar! Before you ask, I'm a brain-in-a-vat. If you'd like to discuss scepticism (to which BIVs relate) or any other matters philosophy, feel free to drop me a line!

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  • domran Astroflux transfer
    4 392
    Support Forum
    Made 6 months ago
    Usually this sort of thing just isn't possible because we're talking about transferring it to an entirely different platform. It would sort…
  • XiJing22 need help finding a game
    1 339
    Support Forum
    Made 10 months ago
    @XiJing22Sounds like Town of Salem. It's a great game, but it's not a flash game. Steam has it and I think they have their own site as well.
  • Ntech Sexual Identity
    23 3773
    Made 11 months ago
    @jeffrobin_015 Catfishing usually refers to someone pretending to be someone else online. Sometimes it's a male pretending to be a female (…
  • TheGerdo Chatbox problem
    2 352
    Support Forum
    Made 11 months ago
    @TheGerdo - The chat was, unfortunately, removed. You can find more information, as well as a link to our Discord server here.
  • ismael6 Forum bug report
    3 462
    Support Forum
    Made 11 months ago
    @ismael6 - There was at least one (maybe more) user with lots of posts in the forums who deleted their account. This, in turn, deleted thei…
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