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The threads within the final pages of support have had their titles stripped and replaced with a record of silly quips. A mark of tomfoolery from moderators mostly forgotten.

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  • nichodemus [Are We Screwed Yet?] 2016 US Presidential Election
    260 29624
    Made 4 years ago
    Here's already one bad thing about el presidente Trumpissimo.…
  • HahiHa Unconditional Basic Income
    10 2194
    Made 5 years ago
    I'm unfamiliar with CHF and I'm not sure at which frequency these amounts would be paid. If you mentioned the frequency of payment, then I …
  • roydotor2000 The Regressive Left
    35 4409
    Made 5 years ago
    This will be a long one, but I've probably made less than 10 posts within the last 3 years. So bear with me.I have never had a problem with…
  • Greed is a simple factor of human emotion as much as anger and pride. Does greed cause war? Yes. But, greed also causes us to work together…
  • Kasic Christian Movies
    38 10414
    Made 6 years ago
    Welp, as long as the thread's back on the front page, may as well chime in.God's Not Dead was absolute rubbish. I expected the movie to pri…
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