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I am a Knight of Armoria and I own a merchant fleet that sail around the World to buy Cinnamon & Pepper from Mallaca ,Silver from Nagasaki, Tea & Porcelain from Ceylon, Coffee & Carpet from Mecca, Amber from Aden, Gold and Ivory from Mogadishu .

I sail back to Europe, the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea where everything give me a huge profit then the fleet goes back around the World.

I'm also a Privateer ( look at my flag ) in service of his majesty the king. If I sunk one of your ship, I'm sorry, it wasn't personal.

I'm also known as Sir SSTGio the Medieval architect.

Seriously, I'm from Canada.
I like History (Ancient, Medieval), architecture, computers, video capture, biking and games.

Some Links

Crush The Castle 2 & 2PP Custom levels
Siege Hero - Viking Vengeance

Pirate Pillage Custom Levels
StrikeForce Kitty Tutorial


Emoji Art Emojis page
Computer Gadgets and Toys
F1 GP 2015


Viking Vengeance

Crush the Castle 2PP Levels

Megaman in Paris Funny Duck from DuckHunt Help, my House's on Fire! Dude move, I wanna See! The Vikings are Coming! King SSTGio's Stronghold
Royal Navy Warship Spanish Armada Galleon Building a Tie Fighter Explorer SSTGio's End! Gentlemen's Club 2 English Merchant Ship French Warship Jessica Rabbit Happy Thanksgiving! Getting Ready 4 Christmas NES Elevator Action Ho Ho Ho, Merry Xmas!
Here Come Santa Claus Biggest Flagship Little Town of Bethlehem We Three Kings... Elephant Ride in India Baby Redneck Uneven Hills Bastion

Viking Vengeance Levels

Pocahontas vs Rednecks
Commando Heli Visit 2 London
Norman Ship Raid
Bugzilla's Return Warship Ambush 2 Viking Armada 4 Cannon Warship Lost in North Pole Subway Accident Cave Temple Under the Palm Tree! Shark Attack! Ready,Get Set,Go! My Buds & my Truck Underwater Explorers The Stone Crusher Warship of Warships 4 Masts Ship The Brigantine Hansa Cog Death Race 2014 Construction Accident Viking Fighter The Tree House 2 Arctic Invasion Viking Longboat
Ultimate Commando Crystal powered Ship Castle SSTGius Giant Squid Attack Norse Towncenter Defend the Tower! Crabman Deadly Commando Risky Unloading

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