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I've changed a lot since I first joined. I used to not know what to put here; that, however, remains the same

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  • cesareis When Flash dies what you happen ?
    1 249
    Support Forum
    Made 1 month ago
    Well, for a very long while now Armor Games has only been accepting HTML5 games, and not Flash games. So as far as new games goes, there wo…
  • Valentin87 Import save data to Steam
    3 138
    Support Forum
    Made 1 month ago
    My educated guess on the subject is that it would be extremely unlikely. But if it were possible, it would be something you would need to d…
  • TheMostManlyMan Thank you for everything, Armor Games
    6 573
    The Tavern
    Made 8 months ago
    Now for some random thank yous.Firstly, I'd like to thank @R2D21999 for being my first friend here, and as such being one of the only frien…
  • Redpodjellybeans What does Krin use to create games?
    1 185
    Made 8 months ago
    It looks like everything Krin has made was in the Flash era, so whatever program he used is no longer practical. That being said there are …
  • As I understand it there's still no working Flash emulator as of yet. That being said, I know there's a website, though I don't recall its …
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