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  • Ferret Sacred Treasure Quests
    85 21779
    Made 6 years ago
    So the "Whirling combo" quest can´t be done by Mage ? and "burn fire burn" quest can´t be done with any other class ? So the game forces me…
  • Ferret Sentry Knight: Conquest Quests
    21 12269
    Made 6 years ago
    Yeah, that last quest is really challenge. But I managed to obtain it. Some swearings were made during that quest but hey, sometimes it hel…
  • Ferret Road Of Fury 2 Quests
    21 6729
    Made 6 years ago
    We just have to wait for quest to be fixed . No big deal. This game is good but much easier than the previous one. I hope that the quest tr…
  • Ferret Give Up 2 Quests
    55 19040
    Made 6 years ago
    This is what I called challenging quests. The sushi cat-a-pult ones are, sorry, just not good. This is gonna take me some nerves to beat th…
  • Ferret Epic Boss Fighter 2 Quests
    47 25032
    Made 6 years ago
    That last quest aarh I always lack a minimum amount of either damage, lucky strike or movement stats so you could say I am pretty close
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