5/5/2017: After 5 years, I won't be active anymore on this site

1000th quest: A Goody Life - Hygiene Life (Aug 3rd, 2016)

Missing obtainable quests (9):
Give Up 2 - We're Not Worthy

Other (8)
Knight's Blessing
Debate Winner
Armatar Creator
Bug Killer

Missing unobtainable quests (25):
Wood Serf Rank
Silver Serf Rank
Gold Serf Rank

Wood Squire Rank
Silver Squire Rank
Gold Squire Rank

Wood Knight Rank
Silver Knight Rank
Gold Knight Rank

Wood Lord Rank
Silver Lord Rank
Gold Lord Rank

Wood Duke Rank
Silver Duke Rank
Gold Duke Rank

Wood Prince Rank
Silver Prince Rank
Gold Prince Rank

Wood King Rank
Silver King Rank
Gold King Rank

Silver Quarter (AFD 2014)
Gold Doubloon (AFD 2014)
Magic Diamond (AFD 2014)
Silver Easter Egg (Easter 2015)

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    @MrDayCee I have the same problem as @kalisenpai I finished the whole game (all 30 levels) but wasn't rewarded the "Golden Apple" quest
  • NicoKosta Save lost
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    @NicoKosta That game only has local save. That means your save data was saved on your computer and not on the game server. By deleting your…
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    @Doombreed My solution for the blood-skeleton puzzle was to make every tile a skeleton first. After that, clicking the bottom left and righ…
  • MrDayCee Learn To Fly 3 Quests
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    Got 9/10, no problems except for Fly Like An Eagle. It unlocked after my first run, some trigger seems to be wrong there.@Calthar You know …
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    Do you mean something like that?Click here
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