I"M BACK! yes I'm back and now doing everything over again the right way. I will be submitting new games sooon. Also AG_Pride as moved to 6862837 profile for now. So go to him to be added to AG_Pride.

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  • flaming whats your favorite tv cartoon
    13 2907
    Popular Media
    Made 13 years ago
    I don't know, it's tied between South Park and Family guy. I say both though I can only choose one I'll let someone else decide.
  • rien [Locked] ARMOR GAMES VS JEUX.FR
    17 11030
    Made 13 years ago
    Ok what is that other site, sounds whack...Really what is it?
  • emmerich Best PC game ever
    9 2065
    Made 13 years ago
    Havn't played to many PC games. But if online games count I say Runescape but I don't go on no more. To addictive...
  • kamakozei GH3 vs. RockBand
    212 29756
    Made 13 years ago
    GH3 is way better to me rock band is a wanna be Guitar hero lol. Plus GH is way funnier.
  • Doom_367 Kingdom of loathing
    3 1927
    Made 13 years ago
    What is it? A online game if so is it any good? I played Runescape and dongen runners, is it like that?

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