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I'm a Shadow.

I speak Portuguese,
I speak English,
and I'm learning German

I was trying to get lots of quests in AG to reach top 15 on the Player Rankings (done on October 24th, 2017!) (best: #14)(I was #113 when AG points leaderboards were added, at the Grand Duke rank)

My "quest" to gather many flags from all over the World:

SpaceSpaceSpaceSpace"We Are Legendary!"

Now, i'm running the CrazyQuestersClan! (kinda dead right now...)

I made a Walkthrough on how to get all the Achievements in Castle Wars 2.5!

My merits:

#1 October 25th, 2014 for completing the 5th successful count to 100 (given by Gantic)
#2 February 10th, 2015 for helping defeat Moe in the 4th round of the great debates (given by Moegreche)
#3 January 25th, 2016 for winning the first Count to 100 in 2016 (given by Gantic)
#4 January 25th, 2016 for winning in Count to 100 10 times (given by Gantic)
#5 August 3rd, 2016 for the first flawless win in Count to 100 (given by Gantic)
#6 July 5th, 2017 for making a Walkthrough for Castle Wars 2.5's Achievements (given by Reton8)
#7 May 10th, 2018 for helping keep the forums alive (given by nichodemus)
#8 January 12th, 2019 for winning the first Count to 100 in 2019 (given by HahiHa)
#9 February 25th, 2019 for reaching 16,000 posts (given by nichodemus)

Cheeses I've killed:

I) Shadow Cheese (by myself)
II) Impossible Cheese (by Darkfire45)
III) Bioshock Cheese (by helpo1)
IV) Cheaster A. Cheese (by GhostOfNinja)
V) COME ON Cheese (by myself)
VI) Count to 100 Cheese (by myself)
VII) Nithentros Cheese (by wookie1196)
VIII) 72th Cheese (by myself)
IX) 2016 Cheese (by myself)
X) Strategy Cheese (by myself)
XI) Matrix Cheese (by Gogotank)
XII) Annoying Cheese (by Chryosten)
XIII) Living Cheese of the Swarm (by Swarmlord2)
XIV) Nightmare Cheese (by myself)
??) Count to 100 Cookie (by Count to 100?)
XV) Anti Mr.Rainbow Cheese (by Swarmlord2)
XVI) Burning Cheese (by doqck)
XVII) Blue Cheese (by HahiHa)
XVIII) AG Skyscraper Cheese (by myself)
XIX) Immortal Cheese (by danwar123)
XX) Milestone Cheese (by doqck)

Some fun and good moments in the forums:

"The Great Ninja Fest 2015" in Count to 100 (it ends at page #2968)

"The Epic Search For The Lost Number" in Count to 100 (it ends at next page)

"The Lord of The Locks and Keys" in Count to 100 (it ends at page #3632)

"Helpo's "glorious number"" in Count to 100

"Slap The Cookie" in Count to 100 (it ends at page #3687)

"The Blue Circle" in So this is the tavern... (it ends at page #147)

"Defeating waS" in So this is the tavern... (it ends at page #172)

"The Dark Desert" in So this is the tavern... (it ends at page #188)

"Count to 1000" in Count to 100 (it ends at page #4387)

My comment about "Special Days" in Count to 100

"Onion Wars" in Count to 100 (it ends at page #4389)


"The cake is a lie, unless you're playing StrikeForce Kitty 2 and defeat Glafox"


I won the Shakespeare Sonnet#18 Contest (May 12th 2015) YAY!

My 1,000th forum post! YAY!

My 2,000th forum post! YAY!

I was the first one to post on page #5,000 on Count to 100 before the forums were changed 3 times. YAY! 5K

My 3,000th forum post! YAY!

My 4,000th forum post! YAY!

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of AG. YAY!

My 5,000th forum post! YAY!

My 6,000th forum post! YAY!

My 7,000th forum post! YAY!

My 8,000th forum post! YAY!

My 9,000th forum post! YAY!

My 10,000th forum post! YAY!

My 11,000th forum post! YAY!

My 12,000th forum post! YAY!

I got the 60,000th reply on Count to 100. YAY! 60k

My 13,000th forum post! YAY!

My 14,000th forum post! YAY!

My 15,000th forum post! YAY!

My 16,000th forum post! YAY!

Number of Quests I completed per year since I joined AG:
2013: (2nd)
2014: (3rd)
2015: (1st)
2016: (4th)
2017: (5th)
2018: (7th)
2019: (6th)
2020: (7th)...


Temporary fix image for the bug with the ":⁣one:" emoji:


My Personal Milestones in Armor Games:

  1. January 3rd, 2013: Created AG account
  2. February 27th, 2013: Completed my first quest (A Hopeful Beginning)
  3. Februay 27th, 2013: Completed my 10th quest (Let's do this Again)
  4. September 1st, 2013: Completed my 100th quest (Desert for Dessert)
  5. September 29th, 2013: Joined the Crazy Questers Clan
  6. January 3rd, 2014: My account's 1st anniversary
  7. June 20th, 2014: Changed my armatar
  8. October 25th, 2014: Got my first merit (Counting to 100)
  9. January 3rd, 2015: My account's 2nd anniversary
  10. January 21st, 2015: Completed my 500th quest (Math Blaster)
  11. February 7th, 2015: I've been running the Crazy Questers Clan since this day
  12. February 10th, 2015: Got my second merit (Winning a debate)
  13. February 26th, 2015: Reached 1,000 forum posts
  14. April 7th, 2015: I got the "We're Not Worthy" Quest
  15. May 12th, 2015: I won Shakespeare Sonnet #18 contest
  16. May 27th, 2015: Reached 2,000 forum posts
  17. June 29th, 2015: I got the "Sushi Master" Quest
  18. August 4th, 2015: Reached 3,000 forum posts
  19. September 20th, 2015: Reached 4,000 forum posts
  20. October 13th, 2015: I completed Birthday Time quest with GemCraft Labyrinth
  21. November 2nd, 2015: Completed my 742nd quest (One Gold Star)
  22. November 2nd, 2015: Created the "Things I "did" on AG" list on my profile (renamed to "My Milestones in Armor Games" on June 5th 2017 and to "My Personal Milestone in Armor Games" on November 10th 2018)
  23. November 8th, 2015: Reached 5,000 forum posts
  24. November 22th, 2015: New personal record of posts in one day: 185
  25. December 7th, 2015: Reached 6,000 forum posts
  26. December 7th, 2015: I recieved Knight's Blessing (by SirLegendary) YAY!
  27. January 3rd, 2016: My account's 3rd anniversary
  28. January 13th, 2016: Reached 7,000 forum posts
  29. January 25th, 2016: Got my third merit (Winning the first Count to 100 in 2016)
  30. January 25th, 2016: Got my fourth merit (Winning in Count to 100 10 times)
  31. February 8th, 2016: Reached 8,000 forum posts
  32. February 14th, 2016: Created a new flag counter only for AG (I still have the old one)
  33. February 29th, 2016: Completed quests, killed a cheese and fixed the links in my profile that were broken by the forum update on February 22nd
  34. March 12th, 2016: Reached 9,000 forum posts. IT'S OVER 9000!
  35. April 15th, 2016: Reached 10,000 forum posts. In my 16th birthday!
  36. May 28th, 2016: Reached 11,000 forum posts
  37. July 12th, 2016: Reached 12,000 forums posts
  38. August 3rd, 2016: Got my fifth merit (being in the first flawless win in Count to 100)
  39. September 13th, 2016: Reached 13,000 forum posts
  40. December 2nd, 2016: I got the "Ultra Star" Quest
  41. January 3rd, 2017: My account's 4th anniversary
  42. January 5th, 2017: Reached 14,000 forum posts
  43. February 12th, 2017: Completed my 1,000th quest (Secret Quest) as an Insane quest!
  44. June 4th, 2017: Reached 15,000 forum posts
  45. July 5th, 2017: Got my sixth merit (Making a Walkthrough)
  46. October 24th, 2017: FINALLY reached Top 15 in the Rankings ("Showdown" Quest. YAY!)
  47. January 3rd, 2018: My account's 5th anniversary
  48. May 10th, 2018: Got my seventh merit (Helping keep the forums alive)
  49. December 6th, 2018: Reached 16,000 forum posts
  50. January 3rd, 2019: My account's 6th anniversary
  51. January 12th, 2019: Got my eighth merit (Winning the first Count to 100 in 2019)
  52. February 25th, 2019: Got my ninth merit (Reaching 16,000 posts)
  53. January 3rd, 2020: My account's 7th anniversary

Armatars I've worn:
January 3rd, 2013 (Account Creation) - June 20th, 2014
June 20th, 2014 - Now

Number of Fav'd Games Milestones

1 - Age of War 2
5 - GemCraft
10 - Cover Orange: Players Pack 2
20 - Diamond Hollow II
25 - House of Wolves
42 - Infectonator 2
50 - The Crystal Temple
75 - Territory WAR
100 - Upgrade Complete 3mium
127 - The Last Door. Chapter 3. The Four Witnesses
150 - Don't Escape 2
180 - I Saw Her Across the World
200 - Sushi Cat
228 - This is the Only Level 3
256 - Pinstripe: Chapter 1
273 - The King's League: Emblems
300 - Blue
301 - Epic Battle Fantasy 5 (Might be the last fav'd game)
302 - Green (Likely the last fav'd game)

Completed Quests (1,072) Show All Quests

Favorite Games (302) Show All Favorites

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