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  • Ferret Witch Hunt Quests
    43 18050
    Made 6 years ago
    The last quest is grindy but it's actually not as much grind as you'd initially think. In the endless battle you get 100k+ gold for each b…
  • Never heard of him
  • Ferret Clicker Heroes Quests
    210 97348
    Made 6 years ago
    The amount of grind for this quest was absurd. I am never ever giving Clicker Heroes a modicum of thought in my life (ಠ⌣ಠ)
  • awein999 awein999
    13 961
    Newcomers Forum
    Made 6 years ago
    Haha thanks guys see you around on the forums!
  • Gantic Count to 100: Challenge of Endurance
    76637 34356288
    Forum Games
    Made 6 years ago
    6. I'm new and here to count to 100!
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