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  • MrDayCee Dinogen Quests
    6 2276
    Made 3 years ago
    Thanks for the guide on the survival mode. It worked fairly well for me, except for being surprised that my crew could die. Ended up runnin…
  • MrDayCee Wondrous Lands Quests
    30 7364
    Made 3 years ago
    Getting the "max 2 abilities" was a bit tough with a warrior with "one-handed" or "two-handed"; I came down to the wire and had to kill the…
  • Such a search does not work for me. I keep coming back to this forum and using the link provided.
  • bakkart Popular Game Designation
    2 841
    Made 4 years ago
    That's what sparked my question -- those games definitely are more popular than what they were replaced with.
  • bakkart Sentry Knight Quests
    5 1061
    Made 4 years ago
    So putting old quests up as the "Latest Quests" was a way to promote the new Sentry Knight game? Seems a little too indirect to really dri…
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