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I'm a casual gamer who enjoys puzzle, upgrade, platform, and tower defense games.
I am an avid quester. Currently ranked in the top 500 of the leaderboard.

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  • Ferret Sky Quest Quests
    29 16131
    Made 2 years ago
    Finally got the OCD quest. Very easy after following randomblah's above tips
  • Ferret Invert Selection Quests
    17 14908
    Made 6 years ago
    Trying to do without the walkthrough. 6 levels to go! Found a pattern; if the last step is an inversion, try to just select the spaces you …
  • Ferret L.I.F.E. Quests
    78 40622
    Made 7 years ago
    @bakkart for No Education just avoid all 'ower ups'. Even if you let the ball fall, avoid and receive the logger job which completes the ac…
  • Ferret Battalion Commander 2 Quests
    37 14434
    Made 7 years ago
    Finally got the 2000m achievement! Definitely one of the harder 'hard' quests. Takes some luck around the 1500m mark. Even with full upgrad…
  • Ferret Caribbean Admiral Quests
    39 71841
    Made 7 years ago
    Finished in 299 days! Could've done it sooner, but I figured out things too late.Tips:-If you hover over a free port, you can see what sell…
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