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We're a small game development studio from Slovenia, who love to build games and explore new ideas! Currently it's a team of 4, working on some contractual work, but lately we managed to put more of our time into developing ideas and games we love to build, so it's something we'd love to see become our full focus.

The rapidly developing incremental/idle/clicking genre is what we are most passionate about, as it opens us up to so many creative ideas and possibilities. It's just that type of games you can play just casually or get really invested into the mechanics and math of it, and as such it's a really approachable genre to everyone!
And one that is not explored a lot just yet - most games in this genre are following "rules" of a few big hits, but we want to give many interesting spins, concepts and mechanics a try to make some really fun and unique games!

We're really fond of any criticism/feedback and suggestions from players, as it only helps us make our games better. We make mistakes and stupid decisions constantly, but that's the best way to get better at things So if you play our games ANY feedback is really appreciated!

Checking out other games is something we love to do as well, so do hit us up if you have something fun to play we should check or if you simply want feedback from fellow developers/players about something you've built or played yourself!

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