Hi I am Josh. I am one of the early contributors of flash games for Armor Games, even before this site is Armor Games (GoG). I have created more fun flash games that can be found on my website. Note: Someone has been trying to recover my password. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT RECOVER MY USERNAME AND PASSWORD.

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  • BoMToons Co-author
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    Support Forum
    Made 13 years ago
    He did not credit you inside the games?
  • Freon Evolutionism or creationism
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    Made 13 years ago
    I don't know. Lots of guys belief in evolutionism cause it's more scientific, but this guy says the evolution system and the Charles Darwi…
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    Gloabal warming is to be feared. It's serious and it's moving fast. We'll be witnessing unpleasant stuff very soon, maybe in the next few…
  • rytherix Optimization!
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    Programming Forum
    Made 14 years ago
    Max FPS? OK, it really all depends on what you are doing. Stuff that might slow down fps:1. lots of complex vector graphics Solution: May…
  • blackout games
    9 4620
    Programming Forum
    Made 14 years ago
    even after you learn all those things, you may not be able to make those games. You need to WANT to make a particular game just for the sa…

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