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  • Ferret Rise of Champions Quests
    77 20694
    Made 5 years ago
    I dont understand why they put in the level 3 mutation quest, it seems like just a way of baiting people into buying diamonds or doing surv…
  • Ferret Witch Hunt Quests
    43 17613
    Made 5 years ago
    Tip for "its a trap", when he is going to do one of his trap beams he makes a weird low pitched chuckling noise. If you dont hear a noise t…
  • MrDayCee Infinity Inc. Quests
    15 6838
    Made 5 years ago
    Got them all already :P the only trophy i didnt unlock by just playing through was the shoot 40 clones one.
  • Ferret Bloons TD 5 Quests
    33 14654
    Made 5 years ago
    Spiritual leader is easy if you wait till you have unlocked sandbox mode
  • Ferret Earn to Die 2: Exodus Quests
    52 15381
    Made 5 years ago
    Oi mods, not only are the quests not working for some people they say only 1 or 0 people have completed each of them. FIX PLEASE
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