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  • MrDayCee Stellar Squad Quests
    30 6495
    Made 3 years ago
    Commander unlocked for me when I lost the mission (Act 1 Level 6) but none of my soldiers died. Not sure if this is a bug or intentional.
  • MrDayCee Hero Simulator: Idle Adventures Quests
    65 24316
    Made 4 years ago
    @Gantic @ivanxxxxxxx @helpo1I can confirm the reset bug has to do with raising Hunting Dragons to level 10.I had completed about 50% of the…
  • Ferret Swords and Souls Quests
    109 86138
    Made 5 years ago
    what is the turbo button it just says off all the time anyone know what it is or why it's thereIt lets you start from combo 25 (as opposed …
  • Ferret Deterministic Dungeon Quests
    23 9583
    Made 5 years ago
    The combat system is a bit unusual - when you're faced with multiple enemies, only 1 enemy attacks per turn. Since bigger enemies do more d…
  • Ferret [Deactivated] The Weapon Masters Quests
    90 19587
    Made 5 years ago
    Just saw that the game was being taken down, and continued where I'd stopped months earlier at level 5 or so. And then the first nightmare …
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