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  • MrDayCee [REPORT] Bugs & Glitches for Quests only
    1077 365944
    Made 4 years ago
    I am adding that Jacksmith quests are not currently working, I posted into the quests thread for that game, but it's pretty old so I'll add…
  • Ferret Jacksmith Quests
    36 21539
    Made 4 years ago
    Quests don't seem to be working right now for this game. I completed quests 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7, and have the in game badges for those as …
  • MrDayCee Hero Simulator: Idle Adventures Quests
    65 23595
    Made 4 years ago
    Been playing it quite a few days now, but not all day long. Man is this boring. Like many have said already, there is no real interaction w…
  • Ferret Strike Force Heroes 3 Quests
    48 16204
    Made 5 years ago
    Any tips on easy leveling or money? @randomblah Are you playing active for 2+ hours, or is there a way to earn otherwise? Can't find much o…
  • Ferret Chibi Knight Quests
    76 23223
    Made 5 years ago
    Hey @ferret , I've finished the game and gone back to get all the spells, but every time I go into the building in the forest to get the sh…
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