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  • MonsterTruK Dangerous Adventure 2 Walkthrough
    167 119125
    Game Walkthroughs
    Made 4 years ago
    RemarksIt seems stupid to not include any of the 4 accessibility heroes. It's silly to swap out heroes or awkwardly leave midway through a …
  • MrDayCee Dangerous Adventure 2 Quests
    43 22609
    Made 4 years ago
    There's a npc who sells cooking recipes(I think you rescue him in ch 6), and shows up in ch 3 afterwards.
  • MrDayCee Learn To Fly 3 Quests
    31 14298
    Made 4 years ago
    Remarks about quests:My favorite strategy was to use the omega penguin(obtained by sending default penguin 100k high, which can be done via…
  • MrDayCee Building Rush 2 Quests
    12 4242
    Made 4 years ago
    Eh finally got around to these(been traveling).For loleasy mode or maximizing regrind profits, set speed to 0.5(top). The only downside is …
  • Ferret Building Rush Quests
    110 37801
    Made 4 years ago
    I'm literally holding off on the last level of Building Rush 2 because of quests...
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