<font size="8" face="ariel" color="red"> Yay! </font> <font size="8" face="ariel" color="brown"> I've reached </font> <font size="8" face="ariel" color="brown"> Wood Knight </font> <font size="8" face="ariel" color="brown"> Status! </font> <font size="2" face="ariel" color="brown"> Top 5 favorite persons from the Three Kingdoms Era. </font> Zhao Yun - He is just awesome. He is one of the five tiger generals from Shu. He is brave and takes on many enemies at once. Loyal and not afraid to die for his kingdom. Zhuge Liang - He is a strategist for Shu. Smart. He devises great plans to win the battle. Outsmarted Zhou Yu who was a strategist for Wu and eventually died because of that. He outsmarted Sima Yi even after he died. Guan Yu - Given the title The God of War and is just awesome. He is loyal. He is a great warrior. Lu Bu - The mightiest warrior in the whole era. He was fierce but not loyal and killed many. He is just cool to me. Zhang Liao - He is a fierce warrior. I like him because he was able to defeat a massive army with a much smaller one with his might. Don't you dare click on this button!!

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    Thanks MrDayCee. The link you posted seems to be helpful.
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    Uh, I really dont remember and I don't see any conversation that could possibly come out of this. A mod will probably visit this thread.
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    I love making explosives too. I'm working on a nuclear b-.........................O_o. I mean... I don't work with explosives at all.
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    For the sore throat, some cough drops or a salt water rinse and dirink lots of water. Runny nose, I don't know, probably some medicine, the…
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