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The C is Cilent.

I am sciller4! I have been a citizen of Armoria since 2011. I had an account earlier but I somehow lost it and this alt became my current one. I only started being an active part of the community "recently", at about the middle of October 2017

Behold! My 666th post!
And my 1000th post!

First merit: Dec 4, 2017! Successfully counted to 100! Granted by HahiHa
Second merit: Jan 1, 2018! One of the winners of an armatar contest. Granted by MrDayCee
Third merit: May 5, 2018! For keeping the forums alive. Thanks, Nichodemus!
Fourth merit: July 26, 2018! Winning a round of ERBAG. Granted by Moegreche.
Fifth merit: July 29, 2018! For my review of Shorties Kingdom 2 Thanks much, Reton8!
Sixth merit: January 12, 2019! Awarded for the first count to 100 of 2019! Thanks, HahiHa!
Seventh merit: April 30, 2019! Awarded for perseverance aka 10 successful CT100 counts! Thanks, HahiHa!
Eighth merit: May 12, 2020! Awarded for the first successful count of the year! Thanks, Komissar!

Here are armatars I made!

Bed-shaking incident - late 2018 most likely. If not, 2017...
ArmorPlayerGC-April 15
abcdragon66(6)-March 07 and of the same year as well. Gone.
StormWalker - September 20th. What? She's not here anymore? OK, I didn't ask.
September 30
She is gone now from our lives
But not forgotten.
Also, she's not dead, just deleted. Why? She didn't use it.
PLGuy- Gone. I know why. You blew it, man.

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