I like puzzles; which is probably why I make a lot of puzzle games.

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  • soapaintnice enDice Complete: Players Pack - Custom Levels
    114 24395
    Made 11 years ago
    Remember, enDice Complete will be out later today on the front page.Here is one of the levels I made that didn't make it into the final gam…
  • K3VYO Sprites?
    10 3771
    Programming Forum
    Made 12 years ago
    Pixen is free and easy to use. Only for Mac though.
  • SpyreWorks How can you make saved games in flash AS2?
    3 8498
    Programming Forum
    Made 12 years ago
    This should help you out:
  • firetail_madness Game Guarantee?
    9 1767
    Support Forum
    Made 12 years ago
    Which Dan? Dan McNeely or dank? It's too confusing!I'm pretty sure Carlie is talking about Dan McNeely.
  • ritchie2100 Armorbot Help
    5 3791
    Programming Forum
    Made 12 years ago
    You might be able to narrow down the problem to one of two areas in the code:A) Where the name string is originally given the players name.…
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