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I'm the sponsorship / game guy for ArmorGames. If you want to get your game featured on Armor, please email me at tasselfoot@armorgames.com!

I also used to make walkthroughs. They're still pretty popular. I also used to run Flash Flash Revolution.

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  • RealFIRE Lщst all Fav'd Games
    3 205
    Support Forum
    Made 2 days ago
    Please check out our blog post on Flash
  • ergosum lost all xp
    1 207
    Support Forum
    Made 3 days ago
    You will need to email the developers, Codename Entertainment. They should hopefully be able to help sync your account. You can contact t…
  • dietonight Best of Luck with Ruffle Transition
    8 623
    Support Forum
    Made 1 week ago
    Thanks @dietonightHundreds of games will still be playable later today, thanks to Ruffle. With hopefully more coming back online soon.Also…
  • Malmern Giant ad on atleast 1 game. (Firestone Idle RPG)
    1 208
    Support Forum
    Made 3 weeks ago
    Our apologies for this issue; we've notified the ad network responsible and they're working to resolve. Thanks for your patience.
  • Ivan_Turoc replacement for flash
    1 180
    Support Forum
    Made 1 month ago
    Hi. Please read our recent blog post on this subject.
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