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  • Unkown Destroy the Boss {Era Version}
    571 106892
    Forum Games
    Made 8 years ago
    I would just go ahead and make the next boss, danwar.
  • Nerdsoft Citadel (sci-fi city builder)
    26 4196
    Forum Games
    Made 8 years ago
    Leader Name: Aurelious CoolenLeader Bio (optional): I have a few ideas, but I want to wait until I get a feel for the setting firstState Na…
  • danielo The village (Werewolf game)
    12 4489
    Forum Games
    Made 8 years ago
    Same premise as the typical Mafia forum game right? We banter and plot with the other players during the day turn, then privately submit an…
  • Erabor Retrogaming General Discussion
    29 5251
    Made 8 years ago
    I've never played the originals, but I have ports of Rogue and Slash'em/Nethack on my iPod. Play those and you will agree, retro games are …
  • bingu77788 The Longest Sentence in History
    325 33598
    Forum Games
    Made 8 years ago
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