Voxel Clicker

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Jan 25, 2019


Voxel Clicker is an Idle-RPG, with a more classic approach to the RPG genre.
The Voxel Art Style gives Voxel Clicker a beautiful and sometimes nostalgic look.
Fight off an endless amount of dangerous monsters, to collect their loot and experience points!
But don't worry, your hero attacks by himself, so you don't have to grind all those experience points yourself!

Upcoming Idle RPG on Steam: https://clicker-guardians.com/


Explained in-game

April 4, 2019

Hotfix Bugfixes - Fixed a bug where companions sometimes would not trigger buffs or healing. - Fixed a bug where casting rend when there is no enemy available would cause the game to crash. - Fixed a bug where The Void fight time delay was too short, which is not intended.

April 3, 2019

Hotfix Ui Changes - Total Gold in the player status window should now be readable again. Bugfixes - Fixed a bug where the game froze on dungeon floor 2422 or higher. - Fixed a bug where the skill and relic tab could not be closed with the exit-button.

April 3, 2019

Patch 1.3.5 Changes - Companions now always attack, even if the enemy dies too quickly. - Skills now detect their target depending on their animation. Before Skills detected their target upon activation, which sometimes resulted in failure if the target died before the animation finished. - Lu's Heirloom IV can now also be found as a random legendary item. (Moon Chest and higher) Dungeon Changes - Reduced gained experience in the dungeon. Relic Changes - Removed option to deactivate/activate relics. - Relics can now be salvaged, in order to reset or destroy an relic and gain all used etir fragments back. - Removed level cap of Amberjard, but increased the upgrade cost. - Increased the upgrade cost of Megingjards Power and Well of Power. - Changed the order in which relics get unlocked in the dungeon. - Megingjard's Power from 50 to 150 - Yggdrasil's Blessing from 75 to 100 - Bifrosts Gleam from 85 to 125 - Yggdrasil's Seed from 100 to 50 - Well of Power from 125 to 250 - Mjolnir's Strength from 150 to 450 - Well of Wisdom from 350 to 600 - Fenrir's Finesse from 450 to 800 - Gungnir's Legacy from 600 to 1000 - Introduced Secondary Relics. Secondary Relics are new relics which can be randomly unlocked by spending certain amounts of Etir Fragments. - List of new Secondary Relics: - Amberjard (Old Gold increase relic, which is now an Secondary Relic) - Divine Strength (Increases All Relic Damage) - Disir's Soul (Increases Gold Income by Buff Count) - Lu's Wealth (Increases dropped Gold from Bosses) - Andvari's Wealth (Increases inactive Gold income) - Essence of Draupnir (Increases 10x Gold Chance) - Fenrir's Precision (Increases Critical Strike Chance) - Archer's Blessing (Increases Range Companion Damage) - Magician's Blessing (Increases Magic Companion Damage) - Healer's Blessing (Increases Healer Companion Damage) - Warrior's Blessing (Increases Melee Companion Damage) Ui Changes - You can now hover over materials required for refining to view their drop location. - You can now hover over materials required for crafting to view their drop location. - You can now hover over possible chest rewards to view the name and type of that item. - Settings button will now open the Game Menu. Where you can access the old settings menu. - Menus can now be closed by pressing on "ESC"-Key. Bugfixes - Fixed some sound issues with attack animations. - Fixed a bug where some material items did not get auto-locked. - Fixed a bug where common items could not be refined. - Performance improvements.
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