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Word Up Dog Walkthrough

Word Up Dog Walkthrough


Press and hold the left mouse button, arrow keys or WASD keys to move and dig soft dirt squares. Digging works up an appetite, so every time you dig a square it costs you 1 bone. If you run out of bones it's time to sell a word! You can't dig through rocks, but Chaos Cat can help you blast through them.

Making Words

Click and drag the letters you've collected to rearrange them into a word. The longer the word, the more bones you get when you sell it. Click on a letter to turn it off if you don't want it included in the word. Drag letters onto empty map squares to drop them on the ground.

Arcade Mode

In Arcade Mode you must beat a short level within 30 minutes. Get to the bottom of the map where a gatekeeper will demand bones to move on to the next level. With each level, the price of passage goes up, but finding letters and making words gets harder.

Adventure Mode

In Adventure Mode, you can dig much deeper and there's no time limit. The deeper you go, the harder the going gets, but if you run out of bones you can always beg Minecart Monkey for a few more.


Fulfill bonuses when they appear to earn extra bones. If you do, the next bonus may ask for a longer word and be worth even more points. Some bonuses require you to use a specific letter. If you can't find the letter you need, try asking Star Squirrel for help.


There are 5 types of shops: Minecart Monkeys can teleport you to any other Monkey you've visited. Star Squirrels sell wildcards that can be any letter. Hint Hamsters tell you what words your letters can make. Chaos Cats dish out rock-busting explosives, and Lamp Lizards help you see farther.


Your little puppy paws can't dig through rock squares, but Chaos Cat has devised a solution: dynamite! Buy dynamite from his shop and press the dynamite button to trigger it, clearing a 3x3 square around you of any dirt or rocks. Letters in the blast zone will fall on the ground, but bones will be destroyed.

Silver & Gold Letters

These shinies will increase the bones value of your words (before other bonuses) by 1.5x for silver or 2x for gold. These multiplyers stack so for the best results try to make an 8 letter word with all the silver & gold letters you can find.

Tips on playing well

* Save your letters up to make the longest words possible.

* Drop letters you can't use on the ground in a central location and remember them for later.

* Always try to get the bonuses when they appear, because if you do the next bonus will be worth even more.

* Save wildcards to use in bonuses that need a specific letter.

* Don't buy wildcards unless you will make the money back by getting a big bonus.

* Don't use wildcards until you've searched everywhere for a regular letter to use instead.

* Identify common word endings like "S" and "ED" and "ING", and save them to turn shorter words into long ones.

* Save silver and gold letters for the longest words you can make.

* Use the hint hamster! He'll try to match bonus requirements, and is best for finding words 5-6 letters long.

* There is always a rock-free path to the first Chaos Cat on every arcade level, but after that if you waste all your dynamite you might get stuck!

* Don't sell bonus words until there are 10 seconds remaining, and use that time to find letters for your next word!

* Always dig up bones if you can reach them without losing bones in the process, even if you just break even.

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