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Detective Grimoire Walkthrough

Detective Grimoire Walkthrough

Game FAQ created by gwoodruler

Ok first in this game you have to listen to the cop talk. Then move on to the fairgrounds entrance. There you will receive a map of the fairgrounds from a little girl. Nothing here so move on to the next scene. Here you will talk to your first suspect.
After talking to him click on the door to the fun house, the fun house itself, and the small boarded up spot in the wall. Move to the next area. Now talk to the girl you find. Here click on the old toys, and the books.

Now move right to find the little girl once again. Here click on the green marker, the space labeled big space behind the game counter, and the window. Then move right once again. Talk to the big guy in the green costume, click the red nose,the oil spot by the door, and the window on the side of the building.

Now head into the hall of mirrors. Click the blood spot, the shards of glass on the floor, the broken mirror and the black stain on the ground. Leave and head to the right. Talk to the mechanic. Now move to the food court. Talk to the guy here, then click on the trash bin, and move the trash until you find blue pliers.

Also click the sign. Move into the toilet. Click the drawing and the writing then leave. Move right. Talk to the park manager. Click on the wardrobe, the wire behind the water cooler, the pen pot, and the calendar. Now move back to the fun house. Click on the small opening that is boarded up.

Move the boards and you will head inside. Click the window, the mirror that is broken, and then the file binder. Flip the pages on the file binder until you find the to do list. Talk to the clown outside again. After talking about everything talk to him again. Move left. Talk to Mandy again. Now move right two times.

Talk to the green costumed guy again. Then talk to him one more time to get rid of anything new. Move right. Talk to the mechanic again. Move right and talk to the cleaner guy again. (Noticing a pattern?). Talk to him again afterwards. He will lie to you so get the truth. Move you guessed it, right!

Talk to Gary. Go back to the clown in front of the fun house and talk to him. Then outside the hall of mirrors talk to the green costumed guy. After one question you will need to get the truth again. Now you want to go talk to the manager. Click on the clues button, and click on the green marker. Then click on the clue button again and show him the calendar. Time to get the truth.

Talk to the clown once more. Click the clues button and show him the red nose. Then get the truth. Then show him the writing in the clues. Then show him the rag. Now go talk to Mandy. Show her the books in the clues. Then get the truth. Now if you look at the profiles button you can see that everyone is innocent except for the mechanic. Go to the parking garage and talk to the cop. Answer the questions and your done!

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