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Alter Walkthrough

Alter Walkthrough


- After leaving the town, Quark no longer has unlimited power. Each time you shrink or grow an object, or Quark himself, you use up one section of your power bar. Finding crystals and absorbing their mist will refill your power bar. Use your power wisely, but don't worry if you run out - just press the retry button to return to the last crystal you passed and try that section again.

Alter Walkthrough:

Part 1: A Strange New Power

Tutorial: Follow the instructions on screen (WASD or the arrow keys to move, mouse to select and shrink objects) to learn how to move Quark around and use his size-changing abilities. Jump over the large crystal embedded in the floor and shrink the leaning cabinet to clear the exit from your house. Jump over the cabinet and leave to the right.

1.1: Shrink the purple rock to free your father and earn your first batch of GOOD karma points. Jump over the rock to continue.

1.2: Walk towards the fork stuck beneath the wrecked house blocking your path and pick the fork up. With the fork in hand, walk up to the man standing to the left and watch the house collapse, earning your first batch of EVIL karma points.

1.3: Continue to the right until your path is blocked by an undoubtedly righteous mullet. Shrink the mullet to clear your path and earn your first batch of LAME points. What a buzz kill!

1.4: This puzzle can be completed in a few different ways:

A: Proceed to the gate at the edge of town. Walk towards the gate until a large weight and gear system appears. Grow the weight to open the town gate, freeing a fellow townsperson and earning some GOOD karma points. Exit the town through the opened gate.

B: Proceed towards the gate at the edge of town. Before reaching the gate, you will find a wooden platform on top of two stone blocks. Grow Quark to his largest size to gain a more powerful jumping height and jump onto the platform. Continue across the platforms and over the wall surrounding the town to impress the townspeople, exit the town, and earn your first batch of AWESOME points.

C: Follow strategy A until the gate is opened. Instead of exiting the town, follow strategy B to earn both AWESOME and GOOD karma points.

Part 2: Leaving Home

2.1: Continue forwards into a large crater. Platform up the crater - it's easiest to complete at Quark's normal size. There is a large crystal spewing pink mist at the top of the crater - walk through it to recharge your power bar. Talk to Farmer Gord at the top of the crater and enter the barn. Pick up your first few power orbs and platform out, watching for the falling platform in the middle.

2.2: Drop down the small crevice after reaching the barn's exit and shrink Quark to get more power orbs. Grow the pirate hook on the hill down from the barn to get AWESOME points.

2.3: Use the web spring on the purple rock to jump up above the large pit. Drop down the next crevice to find your first Octobearpus - grow it for AWESOME points, or shrink it and walk over it for GOOD karma points.

2.4: Continue right until you reach a bridge and meet a strange man in a hood, cloak and mask. Cutting the bridge's ropes, he sends Quark falling into the pit below. Refill your power using the available crystal's mist, shrink the tree stump on your right and jump on top. If you need EVIL karma points, hop off the stump to the right and grow the spoon on the ground. While on the tree stump, grow it back to its previous size. Grow the branch on the very right of the screen and hop on. Move to the right, and shrink Quark, moving through the small crevice and back up to the bridge level.

Part 3: We Brought The Whole Family

3.1: Recharge your power using the crystal's mist, and shrink the purple web to raise the fallen tree to continue to the right.

3.2: Recharge your power again, and jump onto the blue platform to find more orbs waiting for you in the air. Hop into the first blue column and grow it, moving Quark upward. Walk into the second column, growing it as well to move quark into the third column and onto the blue rock.

OCTOBEARPUS #2: To find another Octobearpus, hop onto the small floating platform just after the columns and jump onto the TOP of the third column back to your left. Jump across the tops of the columns to reach another floating platform and the second Octobearpus.

3.3: Continue moving to the right across the large alien rock. After speaking with the crotchety old bearded man about aliens, continue forward and jump on top of the rock to the right using the floating web springs. Continuing right, you will reach another set of web platforms. If you need AWESOME points, walk underneath the floating webs until you reach a cake and grow it. Hop across the webs onto a large rock, and hop up another set of floating webs to reach the top of a cliff.

3.4: Continue forward into a cave until you meet the cloaked stranger once again. After the cave in, move back to the left until you reach the entrance to the cave. Jump onto the large floating rock piece and up onto the top of the cave, making your way over the blocked path. The house on the top of the cave can be passed in two ways: First, grow the house, breaking the edge of the rock, toppling the house and launching the masked stranger into the air – earning you EVIL karma points; second, shrink the house and grow Quark to simply hop over the house, not earning you any EVIL karma.

3.5: Continue forward onto a large rock and jump off into a valley with flowers. shrink the flower on the right, closest to the cliff, hop on, and grow the flower TWICE to reach the top of the cliff. Enter the cave to your right, recharging your power using the crystal at the mouth of the cave, and grow the web holding up the chair to drop the chair into the well below. Hop over the well and recharge your power using another crystal.

OCTOBEARPUS #3: Right after recharging using the crystal, jump upward onto a platform to enter a large vertical area. Grow Quark and move as far to the right as you can on this platform. Run and jump onto the web spring to the left and follow the path of springs to the top of the cave. There is a narrow section of rock blocking your path at the top – shrink it to clear the path and reach the third Octobearpus.

3.6: Exit the cave, but don’t forget to grow the plunger sticking out of the cave floor if you need LAME points. After exiting the cave, there is a green alien staring at the grass – grow the patch of grass in front of him for another batch of LAME points. Enter the broken house to the right to meet a trapped alien. Grow the section of a pillar on top of a vase, and shrink Quark to make it through the pillar and move towards the exit of the house. If you need EVIL karma points, continue moving out of the house and leave the alien stranded in his house. Otherwise, after jumping out of the exit, take the small path underneath the house back to the left to reach the alien’s cellar. Stand close to the key to pick it up, leave the cellar and jump back into the house to where the alien is standing. After opening the cellar door, shrink the alien to let him out of his house and earn some GOOD karma points.

Part 4: Unwanted Worship

4.1: Continue forward until you meet a new alien who is amazed by your abilities. After being thrown into the sacrificial temple, recharge your power with the crystal and move right to meet the cloaked stranger once again. Move to the right of the lower floor to find a torch and pick it up. Move to the platform that the cloaked stranger used and grow the web holding it up, allowing it to lower itself to your level. Hop on and shrink the web twice to make it to the next platform on your right.

4.2: Walk into the twig-ridden web while holding the torch to burn it down and clear your path forward. If you need EVIL karma points, grow the statue in the background on the platform just above you. If you need AWESOME points, shrink the statue to reveal a rooster wearing a space helmet... a taste of things to come? Continue platforming upward, recharging your power using the crystal. After running into the cloaked stranger again, drop the torch by clicking on it and shrink Quark.

OCTOBEARPUS #4: To find another Octobearpus, jump over the web spring making sure not to jump upwards to the next level. Jump off the platform to the left, keeping as close to the left wall as possible to land on a small ledge. Move left into the small room and find an Octobearpus. You’ll need to leave the room, grow yourself and jump back up to the platform with the web spring and torch to continue.

4.3: After shrinking Quark, pick the torch back up and use the web spring to jump up to the next level of platforms. Burn the last twig-ridden web and extinguish the torch – Quark will automatically leave it behind. Use the two next web springs, bouncing from one to the next, in order to reach the high platforms above.

4.4: Make your way under the floating block and use the web spring to jump to the right. Hit the far web spring to make it up on top of the floating block, and follow the web spring path onto the next level of platforms. Move right, jump into the floating web spring, and watch Quark shoot off of the ground.

Part 5: Interplanetary

5.1: Quark is now upside-down. All of the platforming, movement and puzzles work the same way as before. Make your way through the platforms, dropping down (or up) to the next level. Jump onto the pillar and grow it to continue, drop down (or up) again and exit the upside-down section.
5.2: After leaving the upside down section and learning you’re on the web planet, you will be presented with a different ending section depending on which attribute type (GOOD, EVIL, LAME, AWESOME) has accumulated the most points during this play through.

GOOD: Continue forward until you finally confront the mysterious cloaked man. Shrink the rock that falls on him and enjoy the GOOD ending.

BAD: Continue forward until you see the mysterious cloaked man above you. Keep moving to the right, up the platforms and shrink the small rock holding the large bolder in place. Enjoy the BAD ending.

LAME: Continue forward until you finally confront the mysterious cloaked man. Run after him and enjoy the LAME ending.

AWESOME: Continue forward until you finally confront the mysterious cloaked man. Jump up the platforms and recharge your power at the crystal. Grow Quark to his largest size and jump to the web spring, continuing upwards from spring to spring, and enjoy the AWESOME ending.

And that’s the end! Congratulations, you’ve beaten Alter. Thanks for playing!

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