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Jun 1, 2018


Mine resources, gear up, and prepare for epic base defense battles in this co-op multiplayer third-person shooter!

Join the battle against the relentless invading machine army and a player-driven rogue faction. You defend your base and several core reactors with up to 10 other players in your region. Compete for the highest rank on the leaderboard, and earn cores to unlock additional items and weapons to aid in your fight against all who stand in your way!


Use [W,A,S,D] Keys to Move, [Space] to Jump. Use [Mouse] to Aim; Fire/Attack with [Left Mouse Button], and [Right Mouse Button] or [F] Key is used to Swap between Gun and Melee Weapons!

November 24, 2018

version v3.9 - Snowfall effects for the Winter Season - Capture Super Core from Rogue Camp and Return to Base for a Reward - Rogue Camp is now protected by agro Rogue NPCs - Convert to Rogue Faction feature via Rogue Leader NPC has be relocated - Mission Commander Added to Base - Account XP is now cumulative for registered players - Bugfix for Jeeps not re-spawning at Base

September 13, 2018

version v3.8.3 - Add EMP Bomb Feature on Base Invasion Completed - Base Invasion Event Bug Fixes

September 9, 2018

version v3.8 - Base Invasion Event - Fix Various Gameplay Bugs - Special Ability Tweaks - Performance Improvements *WebAssembly Update - Build Download Size Reduced by 1.2 Megabytes
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