Wild West Clicker Game - Tap for Cash - Idle Tycoon

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Sep 20, 2019


Howdy Partner! Welcome to the tap for cash idle game taking place in the wild Wild West!
Dream of becoming a business tycoon and earn big money? Unleash you inner entrepreneur in Wild West Idle Tycoon - the capitalist adventure game! Increase your idle cash and become the richest tycoon while you build a business empire in no time in this tap game that keeps giving! πŸ’°

The Wild West Saga is more than just an idle clicker game where you sit and watch your money grow – Prove your worth before becoming a cash tycoon! Build a strategy on where you should spend money, upgrade business, and hire employees to Wild West Inc., to become the greatest business tycoon in the West! Yeehaw!

Build an Idle Empire
- Manage and upgrade up to 20 different businesses! Be a Venture Capitalist or an Idle Miner!
- Hire outlaws to grow money and manage it to increase profits!
- Start tapping & keep tapping to instantly double your idle cash.

A Wild West Saga
- Complete tasks, collect gold, and unlock hundreds of Heroic Deeds! 🀠
- Achieve the set growth goal for each town, and advance to the next one🀠
- Conquer the Wild West with your money! After all, it’s a capitalist adventure πŸ”₯

Idle Tycoon Progression
- Unlock Patent Cards to boost the idle money of your businesses πŸ€‘
- Kill time and grow your idle tycoon empire πŸ€‘
- Play offline! You only need internet to Go West and reset πŸ€‘
- Tap to claim your daily bonus 🎁
- Catch the Loot Bag for money πŸ’°
- Make money even while you sleep πŸ’€
- Buy Boosters with gold to increase your money and build a business empire faster πŸ˜‰

Idle Clicker Game
- Unlock Achievements and claim more than 70 Gold Trophies πŸ†
- Turn the volume on when tapping for original killer music that will click with you 😍
- Start a capitalist adventure Family and increase your idle cash empire! πŸ€—
- Grow money and climb the Idle Tycoon leaderboards 😍
- Cross-Platform available! Carry your progress with you anywhere, anytime! 😍

Wild West Saga, Idle Tycoon Inc.
The ol' West is more than just dust and tumbleweed, Partner! Gold Diggers, Miners, Bounty Hunters! Everyone's waiting for their big break. But, I believe in you! This clicker game is waiting for ya! Incorporate your secrets, properly manage the money at hand, make money grow and increase your idle cash!
🀠So, what are ya waitin’ for? Your capitalist adventure awaits! Giddy up, build a business empire and become an idle tycoon! 😍

Wild West Saga Communication Channels

✨Our own Idle Tycoon Empire!

✨You can also join our Idle Tycoon community!

For other inquiries, please reach us at contact@tamasenco.com.


Explained in-game

September 25, 2019

Howdy Partners! We are super excited as Halloween is just around the corner and we are ready to celebrate! Enjoy our Halloween decorations and have fun playing! :) What’s new: ~ New Halloween skin to celebrate Halloween! ~ Bug fixes Thank you for your support! We hope you’re you having fun playing Wild West Saga! Feel free to reach out to us at contact@tamasenco.com! And make sure to follow us on Social Media (www.facebook.com/wild.west.saga and on Instagram @WildWestSaga).
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