World of Talesworth

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Legendary Warrior - Globin Rush
Jul 20, 2018


Explore new lands, slay monsters, gather loot and level up in this idle clicker MMO simulation experience. Packed with unique upgrades, moments of discovery, and gaming nostalgia, World of Talesworth is an homage to all our favorite RPGs. Join us on Discord (link in-game)!


Explained in-game

February 25, 2020

V2.30 - Raid boss difficulty increases per tier have been significantly reduced. - Cloud save will be going away on March 15th, 2020. At that point, your game save data will only be local to your computer.

September 25, 2019

V2.27 - Introducing the shiny, new Gear Management screen, available on the backpack once you prestige for 2,000 ingots. Try it for free and fall madly in love. - Fixed a bug causing drama to increase when exiting raid from raid combat results screen - Fixed Goldilocks 19 and Grindmaster 19 to provide correct bonuses - Keeping this vague for spoilers but… turning off auto-transfer with will now correctly not transfer you - Posters are hung nice and flat, so as not to obscure coffee makers - Corrected name “Goldilocks” in questing stats (was incorrectly listed as “goldmaster”, back from when my upgrade-naming skills were young and underdeveloped) - Small raid difficulty nerf as raid tier increases - Fixed a bug causing Fashionista to double equip something - Characters wearing multiple pieces of gear in the same slot will shed their excess items to correctly wear only one item per gear slot

August 3, 2019

V2.1 The residents of World of Talesworth have unearthed a dungeon so deep, so foul, that several bosses have taken up residence. What does that mean to a grindy group of adventurers? The Raiding Update is here! Gather your guildies to take on seven salty bosses that guard bountiful treasure and ridonkulous gear. Discover two new types of loot, Fabled and Legendary. This gear puts Epic loot to shame. It’s time to polish that halberd, dust off that conical wizard hat and get to grinding!
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