World of Talesworth

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Jul 20, 2018


Explore new lands, slay monsters, gather loot and level up in this idle clicker MMO simulation experience. Packed with unique upgrades, moments of discovery, and gaming nostalgia, World of Talesworth is an homage to all our favorite RPGs. Join us on Discord (link in-game)!


Explained in-game

October 8, 2018

V1.75 - New additions to the Taco Shop - Due to popular request, Skydog’s Party Time hack will now re-party with everyone each time you log on a character, rather than only the first time - New Mod: Auto-auto combine - auto-combines previously completed sets every 10 minutes - New hidden achievement... - Buff Collapser mod is now a 3-way toggle with a “show no buffs” mode - Polish: Added logical grouping of items to Taco Shop - Bug fix: Skydog now has better scrolling upon discovery - Bug fix: List All in the Auction House now correctly puts items up for auction in order of value when Intelli-Sort mod is active - Some small performance improvements, an ongoing goal

October 1, 2018

V1.74 - Fixed a few bugs: Broken work timer, quest pause mod was coming back and various typos

September 30, 2018

V1.73 - New Mod: Disable the questing window pause button - New Mod: Hide the quest window in general - New Mod: Disable scrolling text (may improve performance at very high questing speeds) - New Skydog Bot: Party Time - makes your multi-boxers join the current group (if room) - New Upgrades: Three more levels of crafting resource bag upgrades - New questing speed and # of buffs achievements - Added “show purchased” checkbox to player shop - Fashionista no longer auto-equips items from your bank. That way, it won’t auto-equip your low level end-game epics that you’re saving. - Bug fix: The guild level 11 to 15 bug - Bug fix: Prestige can now, once again, continue past 20 - Bug fix: Item tooltip will no longer stick when alt-tabbing
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