Worlds Within Worlds

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Apr 19, 2022


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  • Novelty in every World: 5 World featuring a unique batch of obstacles / hazards with a total of 5 fast-paced levels
  • A Commitment to Accessibility: Worlds Within Worlds is built with Motor and Visual assist options and an Assist mode (best enjoyed with two players!)
  • Asymmetrical two-player co-op: Assist the primary player with a magical Butterfly that can freeze enemies and hazards Accessibility options: Adjust the color palette, configure jump behavior, and more
  • Run for a Record: Every level is designed with a special speedrun path in mind, challenge yourself to beat the game in under 6 minutes and submit your run to the official leaderboard
  • Speedrun Options: New in v1.2.2; a menu with options to show an in-game timer and new control configuration options

Music by Mark Sparling
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  • Move: WASD / Arrow Keys / Left Joystick
  • Jump: Space / Gamepad-South
  • Pause: Escape / Start 
    • Adjust Music / SFX Volume, Control Options, and access the Infinite Descent bonus game from the Pause Menu!
  • Restart: R / Select / Back (Restarts at most recent check-point, dropping any leaves that aren't banked)
  • Summon support Butterfly: Right-Click / Gamepad-North
    • Butterfly Bubble: Left-Click / Gamepad-East (Creates a bubble  which freezes enemies / fire)
  • Supports Gamepad!
    • You can set Gamepad to Ignore from the Start Menu
  • Shortcut Buttons: These can all be accessed from the Pause Menu, or you can use these keyboard keys;
    • Instant Reset (Erase save File): 0
    • Toggle Speedrun Mode: 9
    • Toggle In-Game Timer: T
    • Enter / Exit Level: Shift (If enabled in Speedrun Menu)

June 5, 2022

v1.2.3 - Quick fix to adjust default controls so that dropping through platforms is NOT enabled by default as it causes confusion when entering / exiting levels in World 4 - Please note you can toggle this preference in the Speedrun settings Menu, but you should also enable Shift / Gamepad West as a button the enter / exit levels

June 4, 2022


  • Speedrun Menu Options: Added a new Menu with the following options
    • Timer: You can enable a timer and set it's position between Bottom-Right, Top-Right, and Top-Left
      • Use the "T" key as a shortcut to toggle this
    • Speedrun Mode: Use the Number "9" key as a shortcut to toggle this
      • Clear the fire in the Level 1-1 2nd screen to make it easier to complete without the butterfly
      • Shows Best-Times for levels (see below)
      • Speed up level transitions
    • Individual Level Mode: When you're trying to get the best time on a single level, the Timer will show only the time in the current level and Restarting a level will reset you back to the initial Checkpoint
    • Enter / Exit Level Button: A dedicated button to enter / exit levels; "Shift" by default. You will not have to hold the button down; just press it once to trigger the transition.
    • Drop-Through Platform Control Option: Tap "Down" to drop through platforms without having to press "Jump" as well
  • Individual Level Best-Time Tracking: Your best attempt at clearing each level will be recorded and shown above each level's gate in the overworld with Speedrun Mode enabled
  • Quick Erase Progress: Erase all progress to make a fresh run at the game; Number "0" key or "R" while paused
  • Bug Fixes;
    • The cursor no longer remains invisible if you pause or reset the game while the butterfly is active
    • The in-game timer no longer counts frames to determine time passed and so should be more accurate
    • Fixed instantaneous level transitions
    • Minor tweak to level 1-5 to make a speedrun path more consistent

April 19, 2022

Hello everyone; I'm very sorry about the URL issue. This was my first time releasing a game that implements site-locking, and the implementation was clearly not done properly. This was tested to the best of my ability on my end, and it was approved by the team at Armor Games before going live, but clearly the majority of users still have trouble starting the game. I've pushed a new build to production which should disable site-locking altogether. I can only humbly ask that you give the game another try. I spent years working on this, and I know first impressions mean everything, but there's a lot of fun to be had here if you can get past this.
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