YORG.io 3

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Oct 18, 2019


YORG.io 3 is a unique combination of tower defense, zombies and strategy. Now with multiplayer!


Build up your base and defend it against the zombies which try to destroy it during the night. You need to place miners and factories to build supply chains which produce ammunition for your defensive towers. Research and upgrade every tower to unlock its special abilities and manage your factories to produce the optimal rate of resources.

YORG.io 3 introduces a lot of new buildings and unique enemies. Progressively unlock towers like the new laser tower, and get prepared for armored and invisible zombies, super hard bosses and much more!


You're right - YORG.io 3 now has a multiplayer! Play with and against your friends & strangers in casual games. Build zombie factories to produce zombies and attack your opponent with it in the 1v1 and 2v2 match modes.

And since this is not enough, there are now **ranked** games! Complete your placement matches and play ranked games to climb up the ladder and eventually reach the legendary master division!

Different map layouts

Play on different map layouts which each feature an individual theme and powerups which grant global bonuses to all of your buildings. The medium and hard difficulties ensure you won't get bored! And if you're more of the constructor guy, theres still the sandbox mode which lets you freely experiment.

All new content

Get prepared for the zombies by using the special laser tower. Produce power using solarpanels next to the nuclear reactor. Upgrade your factories to produce better ammunition using coal and iron. Prepare your defenses for the mage zombie whose attacks spread over multiple buildings. Theres so much content, I don't even know where to start!


Explained in-game. All buttons have their keys labelled.

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