Zombie Outbreak Arena

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Jun 27, 2019


This is a generic top down zombie shooter heavily inspired by Crimsonland. It's developed using Construct 2 game engine.

Try to kill as many zombies as you can in a pitch black arena.

You need to battle darkness as well as zombies and other survivors. Light your way by your flash light or set zombies on fire.

Enemies will grow in number and strength as long as you're alive. Some will bite you, some will spit on you and some will blow you up!

Arena will get messy in time and it will be even more difficult to see enemies.

Pick up power ups and weapons to kill more! Upgrade yourself to survive longer. Die and try again!

Have fun!


WASD - Move
Shift - Dash
Space - Pause / Upgrade Menu
Q - Previous Weapon
E - Next Weapon
R - Reload
Mouse Wheel - Cycle Weapons

June 28, 2019

Thanks everyone for their feedback. I really appreciate it. I just wanted to make a quick update based on your comments. Will try to update with more improvements as soon as I can. Here is a list of changes:
  • Added day mode for those who find darkness overwhelming or just getting sun in their screens.
  • Added new tilemap graphics. Sidewalks roads etc. More will come as I have time to draw new graphics. Arena starts less messy to emphasis the mess you create!
  • At start random tilemap from 4 premade tilemaps is chosen as background. Again, when I have time I'll make more variations.
  • Added option to disable auto switch weapons on pickup.
  • Replaced mouse wheel zoom with mouse wheel weapon selection. Numpad "+" and "-" still zooms in and out. Numpad "Enter" resets zoom to default.
  • Reduced overall quality by reducing scaling quality. Will implement better quality adjustment in future updates.
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