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Hey, welcome to the forum thread for that Free 3D Zombie Horror MMORPG which is advertised in Rebuild 2, Dead Frontier (nicknamed "DF").

My main purpose for this thread is to find out how many people here have clicked that ad. (And I just mean that in a hypothetical way, I actually mean people here who play it.)

You may discuss about Dead Frontier only in the following ways:
-General Discussion
-Tips and Tactics
-Your Stories of your fights in Fairview.

(If you play DF, then I know what your thinking, and your right. I am just taking some of these topics directly from the DF forums. But understand, here we can help contribute/undermine to DF by saying how much we like/dislike it.)

But don't forget to also post these in Dead Frontier Forums, too.

P.S. I don't really mean that this thread can only undermine it or will even have more that 1/5 disliking it.

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