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Bands you would go see live

Posted Nov 3, '12 at 11:06pm



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And now for some bands that most people seem to not listen to anymore

Those I've seen live

REO Speedwagon
Night Ranger

Soon to see:
The Moody Blues

Would like to see:

I have to say, the three bands I've already seen had a ton of energy for being their ages. Night Ranger sounded fantastic and REO put on an even better show (though some of their songs are cheesy 80s Pop. most aren't). Styx was a little disappointing, as their was lip syncing occurring with at least the song "Miss America", as the singers voice sounds great there, while in a 1996 concert, his voice is nearly shot.

As for The Moody Blues, I'm looking forward to seeing them due to their amazing songwriting and incorporation of orchestras in their set.

Finally, I would badly like to see Rush. These three are who brought me to prog rock, and Geddy Lee is my main inspiration for playing bass now. To see them live would be amazing.

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Posted Nov 5, '12 at 2:36pm



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I was never at a concert.So when I'm older I would like to see:
-Bon Jovi
-Green Day


Posted Nov 18, '12 at 11:54pm



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I'd love to see atmosphere live. Slug is such a good live artist. Well, judging from the youtube videos I've seen.


Posted Nov 19, '12 at 12:36am



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Dirty Projectors,
Vampire Weekend,
Foster The People,
Best Coast.
Been to DP and BC concerts so far. Best Coast's was amazing because the concert was at a beach. I played frisbee while listening to it. So awesome.

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