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Post your opinion here. Jains wear a mask to try to not breathe in animals in the air. They carry a mop, to sweep small bugs away, so they won't step and kill them. And of course they're vegan. Is this too much?

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I am not saying that is excessive. I am saying the insane things that they do, like sweeping off their tracks to avoid stepping on bugs or not eating root vegetables is extreme. If they where truly open minded, wouldn't they have considered a better diet and that the life they live is filled with insane ceremonies?

Comes down to the argument Sens gave. Insane for you, not insane for the vast majority of Easterners. Conversely, we can say They are open minded enough to not eat animals, open minded enough to consider another diet compared to the "Normal" one.
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You judge people based on your culture, or you would not be able to judge them at all like you are doing.

I judge people from multiple perspectives. Born in Eastern Europe, grew up in London and moved to Indonesia when I was 17. Now if someone asks me "Is this ritual called nyepi they perform in Bali too extreme? Is it really needed to not make a single noise, and not use electricity all day just because of some thousand year old tradition?" I will look at this question from the Balinese point of view rather than Serbian or Western point of view.

Regarding the Hitler part, many people loved him because he was charismatic, and he brought what he promised to the people. Even my grandfather, a rock hard communist respected him because of how he helped the German people. His latter actions were harsh and cruel, but he did not only do bad things. He saved Germany, and many Germans remember him by that, not by the holocaust.
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It must be difficult for someone to live their life like a paranoid man, in the other since, it will harm them in that way

Not all paranoia will harm a person.

While "most" of them stop there, many don't and become excessive with it. Or are they just to be ignored?

Not ignored, but not classified as the majority. It's like saying Muslims are harmful because some are extremists.

I know that many religions have strange rituals, like in the west Catholics can't eat meat on Wednesdays

It's fridays, we're only supposed to eat fish if we choose to eat an animal. The Wednesday is only Ash Wednesday, before lent.

Personal opinion: Different, but not excessive. I can understand why they do what they do, and respect it. That said, it's not something i could do. The effort involved is beyond me.
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