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Question for the Graphic Designers of flash games

Posted Sep 11, '12 at 10:52am



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Hi guys, I wanna ask which program do you use to design graphics of flash games. Do you use adobe flash professional cs6 or a different program?


Posted Sep 13, '12 at 1:00pm



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Im pretty sure they use Photoshop/Gimp or any of this software, good luck.


Posted Oct 11, '12 at 3:07am



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If you're going for a vector look, then you can do it right in flash, but there are way better options since flash can import pretty much any standard graphics files (I use .jpg for most things and .png for things I need a transparent Back Ground for).

If you're going for high quality graphics it depends on what style you're going for. Corel-Paint does really pretty "brush" work if you like using a tablet and want that soft free-hand look. Photoshop is better for more technical graphics (I prefer it for making menus and photo manipulations). Gimp is a good package if you want something free, but I personally don't remember liking the User Interface.

Then if you like things with complex or believable lighting you should have some 3-d software. 3dsmax, maya, zbrush, and cinema 4d are all great professional packages if you have the money for them (I use 3dsmax [for architecture and animation] and zbrush [for organics]). Otherwise Blender, Art of Illusions, and Sculptris are all okay free packages.

There are really so many options out there, I'd suggest trying out more than one of everything and maybe downloading a few demos to see what feels right to you.

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