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i want to post game on armor games

Posted Jun 14, '08 at 1:24am



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how would i post a game do i have to make it? were do i make it? please
answer in a comment here or on my profile.


Posted Jun 14, '08 at 1:44am



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[quote="nqkoi1"]This question has been brough up many times so here is a simple answer.

First you will need to get your hands on adobe Flash or Director.You can download a free 30-day trial, but that won`t get you far so you will probably have to buy the real version later.The price of the newest version of Flash is 699$ for more details refer to

Now you will need to learn atleast one of the three game development branches and as far as money goes here is how they are layed out music>art>programming.To do that you can search the internet for tutorials my suggestions: and drawing)

You might also need someone to help you.If you choose art you will need to find a programming partner and if you choose programming you will need an artist.Learning both will be very helpful since you can get the whole profit from the game.Music is not as appreciated so if you choose that you will probably have to lok for solo projects.


Adobe Flash CS3 - Newest version of Flash and the first to be published by Adobe. This is the ONLY program that Armor Games supports for games on the website, unless you have another way to create an .swf file.
Cost: $699 (30-Day Free Trial Available HERE)

Game Maker 7 - An extremely popular program that's used by many indy developers to create games. It's extremely easy to use, and is great for those of you starting out.
Cost: Free![/quote]

Well, that's just about all you need. And yes, to submit a game YOU need to make it yourself.


Posted Jun 14, '08 at 2:33am



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Ridiculous questions like this just get on my nerves at 2am. Posting in a forum where its clearly indicated "HOW TO MAKE GAMES", blatantly disregarding this helpful post and pretty much asking if you can just rip someone else's game for your own profit. I need to go to bed...


Posted Jun 15, '08 at 10:27pm



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Yes you have to make a game to post it here.


Posted Jun 19, '08 at 3:01am



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I think Arax covered it completely
So there you go :P


Posted Jun 19, '08 at 3:17am



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Click here to submit the game!


Posted Jun 19, '08 at 4:25am



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you have to be the creater i think

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