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This is an RPG that was once somewhat popular in these parts, so I decided to start it up again. Credit for the idea goes to whoever started it (don't remember the name).

2015. In less than a decade, over 15 unique wars have already happened. The world has become more and more violent, and the need for new weapons has become necessary. And so, the top scientists from a few of the world's major countries got together and created an antibody, to be used as a biological. However, the antibody had a variety of different effects on humans, and now these "infected" people have become known as superhumans. One of the most important facts though, is that you are one of them.

Will you use your powers for good, or evil? Using your powers, you can do anything you want. Make a name for yourself as a superhero, become the newest on the world government's wanted list, or simply keep them a secret and go about your life? You decide. However, a word of advice: beware the W.S.E.T.

Name: (Anything you want, 2 to 3 words, try not to make it over 2 characters in all)
Nickname: (What most people call you, can be your own hero/villain stage name, or just a casual, friendly nickname you have)
Age: (17 to 70 years old, please don't have any "immortal" powers)
Gender: (Male or female)
Affiliation: (Hero or villian; you can even be neither if you want: mercenary, neutral person, etc.)
Power: (Can be anything really, but don't make it too overpowered: it must have a weakness, and it must not be able to destroy a town or wipe out the military)
Health: 100/100
Stamina: 100/100
Hunger: 100/100
Description: (Height, body build, weight, hair, eyes, etc., doesn't have to be that specific, just describe your character however you want)
Bio: (A short description of how the player got their powers (Unless they don't have them yet), where they're from, etc.)
Personality: (Basically how the hero/villain reacts to most things, likes/dislikes, etc.)
Honor: (basically how honorable people think you are: if you're a backstabbing traitor, then enemies will go at you full force, while if you give people last requests, admit defeat, etc., then people won't be as fearful of you, and enemies might be more lenient about taking you down.
Reputation: (How well you are known: the higher your reputation, the better gifts you'll receive, but you'll also draw more attention from the enemy)
Fame: (How you are known, basically how good or bad people think you are)
Money: $500 (What do you think it's used for? XP)
Clothing: (Anything you want, as long as it doesn't increase your physical or mental state)
Weapons: None (Anything that you can use for fighting, besides your powers; you can give yourself one signature or weak weapon, but don't make it too powerful)
Equipment: None (Items that can help you in different ways, such as flashlights, bullet-proof vests, rope, etc.)
Aid: None (Any food, drink or drug that can help you)
Other: None (Just, well, random stuff...)

You can pick on of these storylines to start off with:
A) You wake up in a dark alley at about noon, can't remember anything from last night.
B) You wake up in the small, one story apartment in which you live in, to the sounds of knocking on the door, and people yelling outside.
C) You wake up in a small concrete room, tied to a chair with nothing else but a table in front of you with a chair and door on the other side.
D) You wake up at a campsite in a forest in the middle of the night, with nothing but trees around you.
E) Make up your own intro (Can be anything you want, as long as it's something that's either normal or expected from a superhuman).

I shall respond to the first players tomorrow.

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