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[NECRO] MMO's who needs them!!

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Posted Oct 10, '12 at 12:55am



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Recently i posted an article about Con Artist and how it is moving away from its good games to make an MMO which is difficult and time consuming, but honestly MMO's are time wasters. If you are going to waste your time waste it playing good quality MMO's, hats off to con artist for making one of the best free to play MMO's but it is repedative and slow paced. Where is the diversity, where is the fun in doing the same thing all the time. I will tell you there is no fun. Ive tried MMO's several times and i soon figured out that all these games are the same and there a waste of my time most of them consist of many menus and no actual playing its all simulated which is stupid. im not saying all MMO's suck but please if you havent save your money and try World of Warcraft or Star Wars The old Republic those MMO'S will blow you away compared to what your playing now and you will thank me, as long as you remember to go outside every once in a while and jog or something cause you wont want to leave your computer.


Posted Oct 21, '12 at 5:18am



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As much as I dislike browser MMOs, as much as I dislike f2p MMOs, there's something to be said for being able to log on to AG, jump into one of their MMOs, and just do something social for 5 minutes.

They're not grand games, and they're not supposed to be grand games. They're supposed to be games that you play for a few minutes at a time, do something social, and have fun without having to download a client and pay for a subscription.

You don't like them. That's fine. I'm not too fond of them myself. But there are people who adore them, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Not everyone has the time, or inclination, to play EVE, or WoW, or World of Tanks, or Guild Wars, or games like that.


Posted Oct 21, '12 at 1:13pm



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I dont wanna have a spam, but AG MMOs are great. Have you tried Swords and Potions? Its very fun, and free.



Posted Aug 12, '13 at 6:30pm



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