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Hello talented artists,

I am a software engineer who is very passionate about developing games, particularly Flash web games, and I am looking for someone with similar passion to team up with.

I have been developing a Flash RPG project in my garage for over a year, and I need a talented artist to work with to help me take it to the next level and hopefully get it hosted on Armor Games.

I am hoping to find someone who will be an equal partner in this project, and you will have complete control of the look and design. This also means we split the loot 50/50!

I am about 75% of the way through development, and there is some moderate artwork and animations in place. A ton of features have already been programmed, including a unique equipment/inventory system, talents, skills, multiplayer chat and dueling, and more.

Please post here or message me if you are interested.

You can also email me at


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Im a terrible artist but you should check out this guy:[url=]

He is an EPIC pixel artist, he might be interested.

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