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Working Title - It's a Salvidious Game

Posted Nov 14, '12 at 3:11pm



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If I'm allowed that is.

Yeah you are.

A bit confuzzled that just my arm and my head/top of torso is missing? O.o

Precisely! I thought it'd look more interesting if your face was gone. Thoughts?

Oh god, I look like a corporate CEO!

I'l try to make my own concept art. My character looks more like oldshool gentlemens, tophats monocles and all.

I'd bet a kindergartner could draw a better suit than I.

Ah, so you're a man who built America?

Sorry my dear sir, but YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump reference?

Posted Nov 14, '12 at 9:12pm



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Wow, well looks like I can't be part of this project unfortunately.

I am going to be way too busy in the coming weeks with football, school, etc. Sorry I kinda mislead but If I do get any free time and I remember about this I'll try and just help instead of actually implementing something. xD


Posted Nov 14, '12 at 9:29pm



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Year 3015. The basics of it are that robots have taken over everything.

Robots from the future decided that mankind screwed up everything in the past way too much so they went in the past, and keep going farther and farther in the past as you beat them meet the first primates to ever exist and must protect their life for mankind, monkeys, chimpanzees and such. After this battle with all the enemies destroyed you leave an artifact to let your future selves discover: TIME MACHINES SUCK.

Natives from each time period would also be trying to attack you because everyone is afraid of people from the future. 20th century would attack everyone with machine guns, bombs, etc. Medieval would attack with arrows, catapults, witchcraft blah blah blah you get the point.

So yeah. Plot idea thrown into the blue. Wild animals [coyotes ;D] could be mind controlled by both sides to attack enemies.

Posted Nov 15, '12 at 1:39pm



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The Gentleman. I think that one looks MUCH better.

Here's what I have for story:

Welcome to the year 3015. Compared to a thousand years ago, this would be hell. The way we see it, well, it's life for us. Each of us live day-to-die under their rule. That is, some of us do. Others get crazy from oppression and try to get free, but only a few have actually made it out. The ones that don't, well, you know the rest. For us "scared folk," we do as the leaders say. We spend days upon days mining ore in the harsh caves of what was once called Africa. We have to survive blistering heat, blind darkness, and mere exhaustion. We do this to gather parts for our leaders. There's talk that the ore is melted down into material to keep our leaders alive, but they're just rumors.

"BRRTTZZZ. Human minion. Wake yourself."

I got out of my bed, er, steel table and walked over to my supervisor.


"You will be doing sector 3891 for the next six weeks due to a slacking in activity."

Sector 3891 was basically a prison where most people never left.

"Slacking in activity? What are you talking about?

"According to our mass scales, you only retrieved 98 kg of iron last week. That is unacceptable. It is exactly 64% less than your co-humans. Therefore, you have been ruled to sector 3891."

He was right, but it wasn't my fault. My leg was crushed by a crane operated my some faulty computer so I had to spend 3 days in the hospital. Fortunately we have the technology to recover from such accidents in an extremely short period of time. If it happened 1000 years ago I would have never walked again.

"Why can't I stay here!? You know just as well as I do that I'll never come back!"

"Calm yourself or I will be forced to use aggressive force."

"No! I'm not going anywhere!"

Due to my idiotic rebelliousness, I found myself lying on the floor of a prison cell. At this point I would have much rather gone to sector 3891. I didn't know what prison it was exactly, but there were rats everywhere. As I think back, they were in the food, crawled on my sleeping body, and loved eating corpses after they died of the horrendous conditions. We had 1 meal a day, and it was almost always a single pill that would keep us alive. We were always on the verge of death due to starvation and dehydration. We sat on the cold ground all day; we weren't allowed to talk at all. There was no furnace nor ventilation. I never knew what day it was. All in all, I think I had spent an entire year within those bloody walls.

Then the awesome day came. The day I like referring to as the awesomeness day. The day I was saved by awesomeness.




Posted Nov 15, '12 at 1:46pm



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Well duh, seems good.
I have a story idea too. Can I still submit it?

Yeah, my character is a lot better too.

Posted Nov 15, '12 at 1:51pm



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I have a story idea too. Can I still submit it?


Yeah, my character is a lot better too.

I thought it was too. I love the graphics in John's games (mostly made by Jimp) so they'll probably look a lot like his.

Posted Nov 15, '12 at 3:32pm



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Year 2123. ( well duh, 3501 is too futuristic for my idea.)

100 years after robots took over the world.

After everything holy and beautiful and emotional became cold metal.

After everything began.

They suddendly attacked, when all our hopes were high. Some resisted. Some tried to flee. Some fighted back.

Useless. Everything was useless.

Now the Robot King and his epically and incredibly ridicolous hat
(seriously, WTF? ) reign over Earth.

Flagballons roam the lands, raining hell on the last rebels.

Robot armies raze our last bastions, killing our childrens.

Horrible abominations roam the lands, powerful in their metallic blood.

What can be done now?


"Some tea, ol'chap?"

"Thanks, Johnson. it's enough."

The Gentleman took the little cup.

"We have important news. We created some weapons that...exceptionally damage robots."

The boss of the secret services adjusted his tie.

"And you want me to use them ,right?"

"Bright like always, my friend. You can head to the safehouse for the equipment."

The Gentleman finished his tea.

"Sure. I'l do that later."

"You're doing a great service to your country, my friend. Thanks."

The man leaved.

The secret agent remained alone. He runned his hand across his ancient cane.

A blade popped up. Perfectly sharp. Perfectly clean. Perfectly lethal.

The Gentleman got up, adjusted his tophat, and leaved.

The sun tipped his hat behind him.


Dlaeks opened his eyes.

He was immersed in some sort of blue liquid. But it wasn't water.

Wait, he could still breath?

Incredible as it may sound, he was breathing underwater.

The dino seen some shiny figures after the water ended. They reminded him of the small shiny rocks he would occasionally see in the plains.

He walked- no, swimmed- to them, wanting to get back to solid ground.


Daleks stopped. An invisible barrier blocked him.

Oh well.

He hitted it again. And again.

One of the small tin cans looked at him. How funny. It had funny eyes.

He was about to touch something on what looked like a lot of the strange rock. Some of them even had different colors.

Suddendly, something exlpoded. Pieces of something hitted the tin can.

What's happening?

The dino finally managed to break the barrier and jump in the ground. The tin cans were all going in one direction. Something was there- something big.

Daleks didn't care. He wanted to get out of there. He was hungry.

The dino runned to the closer exit.

Light! Food! Water! Beautiful female tyrannosaurus!

The fllor opened. He falled. In the darkness.


I may make other ones later. This is basically the prologue. I already have the entire story in mind, though.


Posted Nov 15, '12 at 3:57pm



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Sounds alright, but needs my sarcasm. Also, I think that "suspicious activity" would have been better than a busted leg. By that I mean looking for a way out. I liked the intro. And perhaps we could add skeleton pilot into my story line. We could have it the crane crushed SP and I tried to burry him, then I got in trouble.


Posted Nov 15, '12 at 5:57pm



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Sounds alright, but needs my sarcasm. Also, I think that "suspicious activity" would have been better than a busted leg. By that I mean looking for a way out. I liked the intro. And perhaps we could add skeleton pilot into my story line. We could have it the crane crushed SP and I tried to burry him, then I got in trouble.

I am currently making an intro for you too. Do you have any requests? Guidelines I should follow? It's your character, after all.

Posted Nov 15, '12 at 7:01pm



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Wat happened with meh?

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