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The Hard RPG

Posted Nov 16, '12 at 6:26pm



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The last god is dieing. He needs someone to replace him, so he chose 6 contestants to fight. The final fight will be in the Sky Dome,and only one will survive.

Classes you can choose:

Humans:They are just everywhere...
Main city : Deragon
Bonuses: None
Weaknesses - None

Dwarfs: Strong and hmm.... small.
Main city: Darmar
Bonuses: Small
Weaknesses: None

Light Elves: Opposite of Dark Elves.
Main city: Light Soth
Bonuses: Can shoot 2 arrows at once if you go with School of Arrow.
Weaknesses: None

Dark Elves: Opposite of Light Elves.
Main city: Dark Soth
Bonuses: Can see in the dark.
Weaknesses: Easily blinded.

Naga: The water tribe.
Main city : Naga Village
Bonuses: Breaths underwater and is faster in the water.
Weaknesses: Slow on the ground.

Avians: Humanoid Birds.
Main city: Eagledor mountain.
Bonuses: Flying and Eagle sight.
Weaknesses: Very unprotected.

Dragonians: The ancient rulers of the world.
Main city: Dragon Mauntain.
Bonuses: Immune to fire, breaths fire, scales are like armor.
Weaknesses: Poor eyesight, Can't see very far, wears no armor.

Lizard Tribe: The children of Sand.
Main city: Anima
Bonuses: Can walk on walls.
Weaknesses: None

Swamp Tribe: Green.....
Main city: Pos
Bonuses: Masters of disguise.
Weaknesses: Needs water to survive.

Centaurs: Human horses.
Main city: Linox
Bonuses: Extremely fast on land.
Weaknesses: Cant swim.

Schools you can chose:

School of Defender: Sword and Shield.

School of War: Two Handed Sword, Spear.

School of Arrow: Bow and Arrows. Throwing weapons.

School of Assassin: Daggers or Two Short Swords. Throwing weapons.

School of Magic: Staff and one dagger or short sword. Spells are boosted.

School of Iron: Hammer or Other Giant Weapon.

Magic paths you can chose
No Magic - Boosts Power.

Ice Magic:
Ice Bolt - Launches Bolt of Ice
Blizzard - Summons short Blizzard.
Frozen Touch - Freezes Something you touch.

Fire Magic:
Fire Bolt - Launches Bold of Fire.
Inferno - Summons a flaming rock rock from the sky with small explosion radius.
Fire Breath - You breath Fire, short range.

Earth Magic:
Stone Wall - Summons a Stone wall.
Earth Lance - Summons an lance from the ground.
Iron God - Can repair everything with a touch.

Sky Magic:
Heal - Replenishes small amount of health to you. Large amount of health if you use it on someone else.
Sky Rage - Sends razor sharp wind at the target.
Sandstorm - Summons short Sandstorm.

Jester Magic - Randomly casts one magic.

You can use only 1 kind of magic per turn.

Everyone starts with the school they chose. There are some extra items if you kill certain supreme beasts.


Location: Badwith

Drops Staff of Water. With it you can use ice magic and the magic you have.

The Titan

Location: Kelos Islands.

Drops Infernal Sword - Two Handed. You can use Fire Slash that cuts trough everything. You can use it once in 5 turns.

Nymph of Life

Location: The Heaven Tree.

Drops Life Shield. With it you can use protection spell that block any kind of attack. Only 3 uses.

You can go after the bosses any time. First you have to find them. They are Very Hard to Kill. Each one has a weakness.

Gold is used to Travel Faster.

Character Sheet:

Magic Path(If you have one):

Everyone starts with 100 gold. You can begin in the Following Cities :

Deragon,Pathway Tower, One of the Thorn Cities - 1,2,3 or 4, Hedos, Jados, Mecho, Lisan, Zeio, Dark Soth, Light Soth,Soir and Darnar.


Name: Zero Furrbone
City: Lisan
School: School of War
Magic Path: Jester magic
Class: Lizard Tribe.
Life: 100/100
Gold: 100
Items: Health Potion, Fire Gem, Explosive Substance
Weapons: Normal Spear.


[b]Game starts when 6 players Sign Up. If you survive till the finale battle, you will have to fight the other players. Or you can kill them if you find them :/ Or team up ? your choice

If someone chose certain city to start, no one else can start in the same city.[/b]


Posted Nov 16, '12 at 7:40pm



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cool idea


Posted Nov 17, '12 at 9:38am



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I've never done anything like that, so its my first time. I requested someone to help, but no one wanted to, so I'm gonna try do it by myself...

So anyone wana join?


Posted Nov 18, '12 at 5:52pm



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Bump.... for one last time


Posted Nov 18, '12 at 11:40pm



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Name: Savell
City: Dragon Mountain
School: War
Magic Path: None
Class: Dragonian
Life: 100/100
Gold: 100
Weapons: 2H sword, spear

Detailed. I'll join.


Posted Nov 19, '12 at 4:48am



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You can begin in the Following Cities :

Deragon,Pathway Tower, One of the Thorn Cities - 1,2,3 or 4, Hedos, Jados, Mecho, Lisan, Zeio, Dark Soth, Light Soth,Soir and Darnar.

So chose one of them Also, chose only one of the 2H Sword and the Spear, if you can find something else, you can use it, but for the start you can only have one of them.


Posted Nov 19, '12 at 9:55pm



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I choose Deragon. Now start.


Posted Nov 19, '12 at 10:01pm



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Oh, and just the spear, no sword. I'll get that later...


Posted Nov 20, '12 at 9:25pm



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Name:Naomi Izumi
Magic Path: Ice Magic
Weapons:2 short swords

I will make my way to the pathway tower (Once I am accepted into this game)


Posted Nov 22, '12 at 12:41pm



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Alexandra, EPIC already started in Deragon, so please chose other city Other than that.. you are in

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