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To be the other gender?

Posted Jun 26, '13 at 6:47pm



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Sex is what someone physically is, whilst gender is what someone perceives themselves to be as, correct?
No. Rather, that is not the use of the terminology in an academic sense.

Gender is used predominately to refer to gender identities constructed and impressed on individuals by society. The difference is subtle but important. See it? If not I can explain more, but I'm lazy right now and I feel like you get the idea of how cultural factors effect identity categories.

Posted Jun 26, '13 at 7:24pm



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The difference is subtle but important. See it?

Mostly. What is the academic terminology? Female/Male?

impressed on individuals by society

I'm not sure I wholly agree with this part, however. Impressing gender identities sure, but is how someone views themselves impressed? What makes someone a "man" or "woman" is largely defined by society, but how someone views themselves?

I would argue that society determines what a "gender" is, and then people pick based on how well they conform to it. Sort of like a video game with pre-made classes and people picking what is most similar to them, then they individually fill out that role further. Which leaves us with the people who do not identify with any of the roles.

Posted Jul 3, '13 at 9:10pm



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Being a woman seems too hard.....


Posted Jul 3, '13 at 10:11pm



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I don't know if I could handle being the other gender, it's hard enough being the gender I am.

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