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I've got some bad news. There is a war in Israel going on right now.

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Posted Nov 17, '12 at 5:36pm



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So there was a guy who i met in AG, his username is crazydoctor64. And he's from Israel. We're talking on skype alot, and a few days ago i called him and he told me that the Arabics are firing missiles in Israel. He might just die any time. His school will soon get cancelled, good thing that he lives in the other side of the country so he isn't excactly in as much trouble as the rest. But in the main city, people are afraid to go out of their houses. So there's basically a war going on there. Right at the moment. Israel and the Arabics have also included other presidents. From Egypt and Germany... I think. So the Arabics are saying that Israel started all of this and they need to be punished, while its also kinda obvious that the Arabics are the bad guys and they were the ones who were attacking Israel first. Or am i wrong?



Posted Nov 17, '12 at 5:42pm



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I think that the war is over the Gaza strip. A piece of land they've been fighting over for a long time. I don't know if it's really considered a "war" but it's fighting.


Posted Nov 17, '12 at 5:54pm



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