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Nicknames (IRL)

Posted Nov 19, '12 at 12:38pm



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Chen-My name is Jen but one of my friends calls me this. We both dont know where she got it

Men-Well in S.S everyone kept saying each other's name with a M so yea mines Men!

Rotten Potato-So this one I also got in S.S from the teacher. All of us kept talking and he actually called us all a rotten potato.Weird right?


Posted Nov 19, '12 at 2:29pm



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anyway my nicknames is Dboy


Posted Nov 19, '12 at 3:41pm



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That's a cool name :3

Oh well thank you.

And lol all those have good reasoning but seem really random lol.

Thats how my family is. lol

Camp: A nickname that was used by my father in my younger years.

Good God Shrezer you did it again!!! I meant to say "Champ". *sigh*

Posted Nov 19, '12 at 4:13pm



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Pickpocket- a name that suck with me from 5-7th grade that my friends called me once in a while. I stole there stuff a lot.
Child with no name, unknown, anonymous- called all three of these by a teacher. She kept calling me Kevin because I looked like a Kevin in my grade. So when I signed my work once, I just put a question mark and it stuck for a year.
Snowman- I'm white. A few of my gamer friends call me this.
There were a few others, but they revolve around my name. No one shall no my name. No one.


Posted Nov 19, '12 at 6:09pm



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I had some nickname over the years.

The main one is DGT, or as it sound in hebrew Dagats, {Da-Ga-Ts}, which sound like the short name of Israel Supreme Court, 'Bad"ats' {beit-Din Gavoa Letsedek}.

THe other one is "bloody lefty" and "Hater of Israel" as a known left winger in our high school {Dont worry, my friend call me that. Even that some othr peopels realy mean it. You know right wingers, they can be rude and almost violante}, As the stereotipical on left wingers in Israel are thet they are traitors who "prefer the arabs over the Israeli's". I made many to think diffruntely. And befor you jomp on it, no, not everyone think so.


Posted Nov 19, '12 at 6:20pm



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Nickname of my early youth: Ninja, Lassie.

Nickname of my current youth: Table.

Don't ask me how they started. All my nicknames came about at Boy Scout camp.


Posted Nov 19, '12 at 9:47pm



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I have alot of weird nicknames my parents came up with.... Other than that I had a friend who called me hey-hey. Other wise every one calls me by my real name.


Posted Nov 19, '12 at 9:58pm



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when i was little, it was a shortened version of my name.
4th grade, i insisted on being called minty for some reason i can't recall.
6th grade, my friends called me dingbat.
now.... mysister calls me maloney baloney, which i really hate, my neighbor's adorable little kid calls me munfle, my friends call me steak (forgot why), or 'That one over there that bites,' or Ivan, or by my last name, which i also hate. and my name is not ivan.

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