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So...back in '10, before I went on my lil &quotangtongshu hiatus" for about a year or so...I actually was somewhat active in the forums. During that time...I made a thread of similar title (only...I made it too specific to continue with different ideas) and I wanted to bring it back (only newer...and more improved!) to give the forums a lil more push towards its old active self

What will happen: I stated, I tried to make this before...but I was too foolish back then to do it properly (although...after reading through it...I apparently had a similar sense of humor...but I went the opposite of how GoM went...I apparently was a bit more serious back then compared to how I am now). So in this thread...I will give you options or just a sole question starting with the phrase "If you could..." for you all to answer then discuss and whatnot. Every now and then I will change what the subject is (similar to S_P's thread...except my updates might not be as frequent as his. Or they might be more frequent...I don't know..we will see how it goes) honor of my original thread...I will start it with the same question. If you could be any element (air, water, earth, or fire), which would you be? (and why?)

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