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"Come one, came all to the writers block here we determine if ye be able to weave grand tales of heroes or villains." The Wandering Bard

Alright I am not sure if I should post this in forum games but this is aimed more for writers then spammers. Here it is, this thread is for those who wish to practice a bit of writing. Particularly in a role playing setting. Now first off if you wish to participate you must develop a character, the characters can be any sort of being but it must be able to speak some sort of language, if not English then you must provide a translation in parentheses next to the dialog. Though characters in this setting that do not speak the language will not understand you dialog, for it is role playing, it is for the readers benefit. Writing about should be about their actions, reactions, dialog, or descriptions this is just a general guide for what to mention.

Strict Rules!!

1.All participants who post must write at least 50-100 words about their character in each post. Unless it a question about the thread or commenting on someones work, I do not restrict a good critique or input on helping someone develop their character but please be civil about it.
2. All story related writings must use the BB code to quote, so we can recognize easily as part of the tale.
3. The characters are restricted to the setting, genre, and time period so please don't throw in laser cannons or cyborg ninjas if were writing about a medieval fantasy.
4. Every so often we might change the setting for the sake of not limiting ourselves to one particular role. At this time participants will be able to come up with new characters or adapt their current ones to the new setting.
5. No one is allowed to kill off characters without the consent of their creator.
6. Keep all content within the forum rules

Lets see these rule will be subject to change if some unknown problem occurs.

now onto the show!
The Setting: Medieval Fantasy.
There are two places you could find your character a old sod walled pub in which the smell of stale beer lingers. The floors are irregular shaped blocks of wood. The thatched roof made of straw and tar. Smoke wafts in the oak rafters from the embers crackling in the fire place which is constructed of clay mortar and shoot covered bricks. Your character will be waiting at the bar for someone who put an advertisement looking to contract a few persons for a job other then that you do know the specifics so I leave it up to you to determine what your characters are doing at this moment.

The second pace your character can begin is in a stone dungeon in which you are imprisoned for crimes against the town, whether or not they are just will be determined by your own description of these crimes. It is a dank dark cell you sit in the iron bars sweat with moisture and the floors slick and cold to the touch, a guard clad in chain mail and leather sits snoozing on an old worn roughly crafted cedar stool. A small oil lantern is the only light besides what creeps threw the cracks in the iron plated door. There are several other cells in which you hear s few other unfortunate roommates.
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