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anime battle

Posted Nov 22, '12 at 3:02am



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do you like anime?if you like lets start voting.
first the "NARUTO shippuden"
second the strong rival of naruto the"bleach"
third the another rival of them"dragon ball z"
another rival appears the"onepiece"
and one more"fairy tail"
and here is the final rival"death note"
start voting now.


Posted Nov 22, '12 at 10:14am



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why am i not surprised all of those anime are of the same genre. well if i have to pic one i guess bleach... because its the only one i saw (partly XP)


Posted Nov 22, '12 at 6:36pm



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DBZ, Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece are all pretty much the same exact thing. Minor enemies encourage the main character to train to become stronger, the main character finishes training and is now significantly stronger but still not strong enough to beat the season's main enemy, mid battle the main character is nearly defeated but the threat to their friends (or emergency foods in Goku's case) angers the main character enough that they access some power that was hidden inside of them all along only to repeat next season. I've never seen Fairy Tail so I won't comment on it which only leaves Death Note. Out of these Death Note is my favorite, I like the fact that all of the battles are an intellectual struggle between two people of opposite yet identical opinions. I'd also like to show Light how it's really done when someone doesn't go nuts within five days of finding a Death Note, because that god-complex was really the only thing that actually destroyed him.

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