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twitter vs facebook

Posted Dec 5, '12 at 2:43pm



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I only Like facebook because every now and then they have a decent game to play other than that I don't want either


Posted Dec 5, '12 at 4:38pm



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Don't use much of either, but I used to use Facebook a lot. Have about 200 friends on there, I only regularly talk to about 10-20 of them. The others I've met once or a few times. I haven't used it as a place to talk for a few months, I occasionally hop on to check statuses, but that's it.

In my opinion Twitter looks neater, but I can't be bothered using it. I also doubt my friends have one.


Posted Dec 5, '12 at 5:36pm



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Correct me if I'm wrong, since I've never used it, but Twitter seems like a stripped version of Facebook. It looks like it's just an aggregate of written statuses. I guess its one advantage over Facebook is that, since it's so stripped down, celebrities are more inclined to use it to post **** about their daily lives and possibly communicate with fans. Facebook can do the same thing, but I guess Twitter is more suitable for that purpose. Also, since there is such a focus on statuses, Twitter seems to be the more convenient platform for posting witticisms, especially given ease to retweet things.

But I have nothing interesting to say to the world, and I don't particularly care for famous people, so I stick with Facebook. It's almost necessary to keep up with the cultures and happenings back home and in college.


Posted Dec 5, '12 at 7:31pm



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I was gonna use this on my battle of the brands thread xD


Posted Dec 23, '12 at 10:36pm



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I vote for Facebook XD
the reason is FB allow us to log in some websites without registering

for example, recently Kongregate also allow ppl log in through FB lah XD

oh and FYI, xXxDAPRO89xXx also has a similar battle, so if any of u interest, come n join us in his brand battle lah XD


Posted Apr 2, '13 at 3:58pm



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I think Facebook is better than Twitter, because when I go to tweet something I can only 140 characters type; on Facebook I can infinity....

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